Energy Capital has the main objective to align with the interests of our customers and among these is the help them to reduce their costs. We are committed to quality and respect for the environment as strategic factors. We are ready to lead change in the energy sector with new technologies that boost savings, energy efficiency, improvement of the environment and contribute to the welfare and sustainable development.

With the aim of helping our customers reduce their energy costs, Energy Capital offers its energy consulting services, which will enable them to:

  • Adapt their energy supply contracts to real needs
  • Save energy fixed costs
  • Eliminate energy deficiencies in the facilities
  • Reduce costs related to energy consumption penalties
  • Leverage the use of renewable energies
  • Optimize energy use and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Saving costs related to energy consumption
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve the image of the organization

Key Benefits

  • Adequacy of energy supply contracts to real needs
  • Reduction of energy tariffs
  • Elimination of deficiencies by reactive power imbalances and/or excess power
  • Reduction of conventional energy supplies
  • Adequacy of future investments
  • Energy optimization and reduction of associated emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Possibility to certify the management system
Energy audits and studies

Assess the possibilities of improvement of existing facilities to introduce measures and criteria of rational use and saving energy, the possibilities of introducing more efficient technologies energy and possible uses of renewable energy sources.

Optimization of contracts and rates

Identify and assess the possibilities of improving the existing energy supply contracts to adapt them to the real needs and achieve the best energy rates.

Projects and construction management

We have a team of multidisciplinary engineers for drafting and construction management, either for work or contracted facilities Energy Capital or others.

Processing with electric companies and public bodies

We offer our customers a realization of administrative procedures to legalize and implement photovoltaic systems or other nature.

Management of purchases of equipment, supplies and services

Professional advice for investments in equipment and systems, as well as the hiring of energy supplies and other services.

Feasibility study on use of renewable energy

Analyze the possible incorporation for the energy supply of renewable energy installations, such as: solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind, biomass, geothermal, micro generation, etc...

Outsourced energy Manager service

Improving energy efficiency through the systematic management of the facilities, systems and equipment, as well as detect and assess the possibilities of savings in existing energy supply contracts.

Implementation of energy management systems

Give your organization a management tool that allows the continuous improvement of all aspects that have to do with the use of energy.

Energy efficiency

We develop energy efficiency systems based on the implementation of renewable energy installations and energy optimization management.

Monitoring online

We offer control and smart energy consumption monitoring and implementation of MAEs (energy saving measures) projects.