Don't know what to do to reduce costs? Would you like to stop worrying about the light rises? Would you like to increase your profitability in a simple and safe? We help you make the leap to solar energy. With our solutions, you will generate the energy that your business needs, without having to rely on power companies. Begins to capitalize on your roof.

You choose the model that you want to and ENERGY CAPITAL designs you, supplies, builds, implements and carries out the operation and maintenance of the solar plant on your property guaranteeing for 30 years with the environment clean and responsible energy consumption.

Our Objectives
  • Provide solar energy at a price lower than the existing rates for electricity
  • Adjust the installation costs
  • Deploy a series of financial products that eliminate the initial capital costs to deploy an installation of clean energy
  • Set a mark of confidence in solar energy systems
Simplification of the process

ENERGY CAPITAL also removes third-party funding and outsourced maintenance, speeding the process of solar energy. You have a single supplier for the life of the photovoltaic project: financing, design, supply, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the solar plant on your property. Energy Capital is the only partner that can manage the entire project, and has the equipment, experience and resources to do so.

Photovoltaic self-consumption advantages
  • The consumer gets an economic and energy savings for life with a small investment
  • The self-consumption systems using renewable energy sources, inexhaustible, clean and free, such as solar energy
  • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels and foreign energy dependence
  • Reduce dependence on large companies, liberalizing the electricity market and can stabilize the price of electricity on a fair value, avoiding future increases in electricity tariff
  • Generates energy in the place of consumption and brings great advantages for the network, avoiding transmission and distribution losses
  • With the cheapening of photovoltaic systems and rising electricity tariffs, it is cheaper to produce our own energy. When amortize the investment, we have free energy for life!
Business large energy consumption

The steady increase in the price of electricity is suffering and hurting productivity of business; all experts say that this will not change while we are in the hands of oligopoly power. For this reason, companies such as ENERGY CAPITAL are betting on the photovoltaic self-consumption instant, as one of the possible measures to save energy and increase the energy autonomy of homes and businesses.


There is growing awareness of the need to care for the environment in more areas, and one of them on the rise is the tourism. Every day more accommodation who worry reduce carbon footprint are demanded, and takes into account other factors when it comes to organising holidays to make them more sustainable.

How to access the PV self-consumption

Solar Lease

With Solar Energy Leasing Capital, you are protected from fluctuations in the price of energy, with low fixed payments are often lower than what you are now paying for electricity. This means 30 years of savings in energy costs, plus the comfort of knowing that your payments will be the same today, tomorrow and in 30 years.

How is our solar lease contract?

  • You lease your solar photovoltaic system to Energy Capital and you have the right to use it for a fixed payment each month. As simple as that. And this payment will be less than what you currently pay your electric company for the equivalent amount of energy your system will produce
  • We guarantee that the system will generate contracted energy or we pay the difference
  • Energy Capital maintains and ensures the system at no extra cost to you for 30 years. At the end of your contract you can renew your system with the latest solar technology, or maintain their current panels and extend your lease, or can simply request the withdrawal of photovoltaic panels for free

Purchase of photovoltaic solar installation

If you have the ability to pay, the purchase of its installation is a quick way to get a positive return on investment for your solar system. And Energy Capital does not leave you in the dark after the purchase of the system. We are going to cover the system with our 30-year warranty. Meanwhile, your electric bill will decrease substantially.

How does our purchase option?

  • You will have to pay in advance for your photovoltaic system and we take care the rest, including permits and licenses for installation
  • We perform monitoring and maintenance of your installation up to 30 years in our package full coverage in the industry leader
  • And you should only worry about the repayment and benefits of your solar PV system

Purchase of green energy (Installation>100 kW)

You will pay for your solar energy per month, as does so at present to your electric company, but at lower cost. You will be able to ensure its solar electricity tariffs for the next 30 years and protect themselves from future rises in energy prices. Also, if you sell your company, you can transfer the Purchase of Solar Energy to new owners or buy the solar photovoltaic system before time.


  • We'll perform installation of a photovoltaic solar system on your roof and you only pay for the energy consumed, ensuring a reduction in current consumption. It's as simple as that
  • Energy Capital retains ownership of the photovoltaic system, so we will maintain, ensure and guarantee the service lifetime of the contract and optimize the performance of the installation
  • Form of contract:
    • Signing of a contract of purchase of photovoltaic solar energy
    • No capital investment
    • Pay only for the solar energy produced
    • A reliable partner for the entire life of the project
    • Streamline the process of installation of your solar energy source